Monday, January 22, 2007

Best of Monday Morning Quotes

"The war was so successful, they don't have any arguments left. They can't even sound busy. Just two weeks ago, they claimed American troops were caught in another Vietnam quagmire. That didn't happen. They predicted huge civilian casualties. That didn't happen. They said Americans would turn against the war as our troops came home in body bags. That didn't happen."
Ann "Transsexual, Plagiarist, Psychic(?)" Coulter, Jewish World Review, May 1, 2003

"Every single person out there that is of any consequence knows the vice president doesn't know what he's talking about. I can't be more blunt than that. He is yet to be right one single time on Iraq."
Senator Joe Biden (D - Dela.), Jan. 21, 2007

"The most important lies to watch for now are the new ones being reiterated daily by the administration’s top brass, from Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney on down. You know fiasco awaits America when everyone in the White House is reading in unison from the same fictional script, as they did back in the day when 'mushroom clouds' and 'uranium from Africa' were the daily drumbeat."
Frank Rich, Op-Ed column, NYTimes, Jan. 21, 2007

"The war -- literally -- is basically being run by a handful of war-hungry extremist ideologues out of the American Enterprise Institute who are driven by an insatiable appetite for endless war on various Middle Eastern countries and little else. They are backed up by Weekly Standard and Fox News (starring John McCain and Joe Lieberman), and that is all that's left -- a tiny band of fringe war-obsessed extremists who are highly unrepresentative of the American public. But that is more than enough to ensure the pointless, wasteful, and tragic continuation, even escalation, of this war because they are the ones to whom the President listens."
Glenn Greenwald, Blogger at Unclaimed Territory, Jan. 20, 2007

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