Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dixie Chicks - Don't Shut Up!

Shut Up and Sing

Hello Stephanie,
I'm no movie critic, but I just wanted to highly recommend the film "Shut Up and Sing" the documentary that features the Dixie Chicks. I'd also like to offer a sneak preview of my favorite line in the whole film - Natalie Maines is being interviewed by Howard Stern on the air and he asks her if she is wearing underpants and she replies, "I'm not wearing panties until the war is over." It's a great line among many others that make the film loads of fun and well-worth watching. Check it out!
Cheers - your radical militant librarian,
Faye in Tulsa, OK

Congratulations to the Dixie Chicks for their FIVE Grammy Awards.

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