Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stephanie Miller Show Revamps Web Site

Steph and the SMS crew have revamped their web site - go have a look-see (http://www.stephaniemiller.com/home.php?PageId=85&PageSubId)
Here are a few comments that I sent to Steph that she read on the air this morning (March 13th, Hour 3).
1) I thought you were going to add new StephCrap to the StephStore, but it looks like the same old crap to me, what gives? (**see list of suggestions below).
2) Why is Jim Ward known by so many aliases in his film career? Doesn't he know his own middle name or has the Witness Protection Program suggested that he change it from time to time to "throw off" his pursuers?
3) When can we expect complete bios of the fascinating lives of Jim "Voice Deity" Ward and Chris "BoyToy" Lavoie?
4) Where the hell is the video of you and Joan Rivers slapping each other silly? I checked all of the YouTube clips on the new site and didn't see it anywhere...
5) What's up with the Butt-Cam? You guys are all talk and no action - not unlike the Democratic Congress... ;-(

**Steph read the following suggestions for new StephCrap on her show this morming (March 14th, Hour 2)
--A Stephanie Miller Bobble-Head Doll complete with miniature wine box and three stuffed, oversized dogs.
--Our own version of Steph's Mr. Happy (both battery-powered and manual models would be appreciated).
--A Stephanie Miller Calendar - (nothing says Happy ChristmaHannaKwansica like a year's worth of Steph photos - with and without dogs).
--A coffee table book of some of the more memorable Photoshop Fun Pics.
--A Stephanie Miller remote key chain that allows a person to press a button that is affixed to her/his's wrist that causes key ring to play a clip that says "Here are you freakin' keys, dipwad."
--A SMS Bored Game - along the lines of Monopoly - suggested name "Steph-landia" with properties named after Steph's radio affiliates, for example, Madison Avenue, Portland Place, WeHo Blvd, and utilities like Slime Porner, Screaming Baby Airlines, etc...
--Finally, a line of Stephanie Miller apology cards - not unlike the rejected Hallmark cards you featured on your show awhile back. Here are just a few suggestions:
---"Sorry my dog ate your front porch, I'll get my handyman right over to fix it."
---"Sorry I mistook you for some other celebrity, may I wipe the lipstick off of your cheek?"
--Here are a few bonus cards that Steph didn't read:
---"Sorry my sauerkraut made you sick, would you like to take some home with you?"
---"Sorry I spilled wine on you, how do you take your coffee?"
Just a few thoughts of new items for the Steph Store.

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