Sunday, April 1, 2007

Stephanie Miller weds Keith Olbermann in weekend ceremony

Keith and Stephanie Tie the Knot

Have all you Steph-heads been wondering what Momma was doing on Friday when she didn't show up for work? (We must say that we love Elayne Boosler - the SMS Substitute Teacher.) Well, wait no more for an explanation as to what Ms. Miller (now Mrs. Olbermann) was up to. That's right - Momma and the fabulous Mr. Keith Olbermann were wed in a small private ceremony in Momma's back yard. Max (Steph's 120 pound puppy) was the Best Man, Jim Ward and Chris Lavoie were loverly as Bride's Maids and Stephie's favorite WeHo Gay Stalker served as the Flower Girl - it was a beautiful and memorable wedding. The squirrels pelted the wedding-goers with avocados as was expected, the groom fell into the pool, no doubt trying to douse the heat after his oh-so-hot kiss with his new bride, and the raccoons decorated the new couple's get-away car with newly-laid sod from Mrs. Olbermann's yard and discarded boxes of wine - the new couple will maintain their bi-coastal lifestyle, until Mrs. Olbermann can line up another doomed late night talk show in NYC. Congrats to the loverly newlyweds!

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Supersize Xtra Krispy Bucket of Sluttiness said...

we all love Elayne, but diet coke still isn't The Real Thing...
I become a little despondent when Steph and the lovable Mooks take a break...they're here at our pleasue, dammit!!!
and that Chris Lavoie, i heard him say once that he was a MaryAnne and not a Ginger kinda guy, funny, i always thought he was a Professor kinda girl...and just a week ago he claimed to have seen Hustler magazine in his frat house, Lambda Lambda Lambda allows Hustler? Something is not Computing.Computer says what?