Sunday, May 20, 2007

In Praise of Unsung Heros


This morning I am sitting at home waiting for a repair person to come over and hopefully fix my refrigerator freezer which quit working a couple months ago. As I sit here it occurs to me that there are many people who make my life more bearable, and not all of them have their names in lights or have a nationally syndicated radio show with their name blazened across a web site.

One of those folks I'd like to dedicate this post to today is Rebekah Baker, Associate Producer of the Stephanie Miller Show, who labors tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that callers can get through and talk to Steph, makes sure that there are always interesting and entertaining people calling in on the celebrity hotline, and makes reservations and other travel arrangements for Steph whenever she is on the road as she is today (for those fans of the SMS who are able to get to Madison, Wisconsin, Steph will be appearing at the Barrymore Theater at 8:00 tonight - check her out!)

Rebekah Baker is one big reason why the Stephanie Miller Show has taken off like it has - her efficient, yet friendly, manner on the phone is often remarked on by callers, and her ability to juggle many tasks simultaneously is a true testament to her organizational skills. Rebekah not only is the associate producer for the SMS, but she also produces two other radio shows: Handel on the Law and a The Tech Guys, so she is lucky to get a single day off every week. Rebekah also designed and maintains Stephanie's MySpace page - another fabulous resource for all things Steph. Check it out!

This is just a reminder that there are many people in our world who make it all happen each and every day and whose presence goes unnoticed precisely because they are so good at doing a seamless job. Here's to Rebekah Baker and her doggie "I" who I'm sure would like to spend more time with her mom, but appreciates her as much as the rest of us Steph fans do. Yeah Rebekah - you go grrrl!!!