Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Momma's for Obama

I just entered a contest to win a dinner with Barack Obama. It only cost me a $30.00 donation (I could have donated only $5.00, but I gave what I thought I could afford - today is pay day, so I'm feeling flush =). I hope that I am chosen to have dinner with Senator Obama. Besides being a fantastic marketing ploy, it is a smart scheme to get folks thinking about what they might say if they had an opportunity to speak with a presidential candidate face-to-face. I would definitely ask Mr. Obama what is his understanding of Tribal Sovereignty, and how he proposes to settle the Cobell class action lawsuit. In addition, I am curious to know how he would go about restoring America's reputation in the world, particularly in Muslim communities, and I would also want to know how he will begin to repair the horrendous damage done to our environment during the Bush administration. I also would ask Senator Obama how he would go about restoring integrity, credibility and accoutability here at home, as, in my humble opinion, the current occupant of the White House has squandered these attributes by chosing incompetent cronies rather than capable members of the executive team and nominating equally unqualified attorneys for the bench. These are all issues that matter greatly to me, and I hope that I have a chance to meet with Senator Obama and ask him about these issues.

If you'd like to register to win a dinner with Senator Obama, go to Win a dinner with Obama, but hurry, I think that you must donate some amount (no matter how small) to his campaign by tonight at midnight in order to be in the running for the prize.

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