Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Campaign Camp - Day Three

Mary Kim Titla & Patsy Cohoe - August 22, 2007
Well, the fun just keeps on coming here at Morongo... Today I picked up Scott Bighorse, Don Barlow, and my new next favorite candidate Mary Kim Titla (San Carlos Apache) who is running for the District One Congressional seat in Arizona (the seat currently held by Rick Renzi), at the Ontario Airport. I picked them all up and brought them all back to Campaign Camp at Morongo Resort, Casino and Spa. Mary Kim is a bright, attractive mother of three sons. She has a Master's Degree in Journalism from Arizona State University and 20 years of experience in TV news. She has a history and passion for working with Native youth and cares deeply about children and families across the country. She is a shining example of the kind of candidate that comes out of Indian country, and her presence in the Arizona Congressional race is a welcome addition to the political arena. I am seriously considering relocating to Arizona to help her work on her campaign - vamos a ver (we'll see...).

Aside from the drive to Ontario, the highlights of Day Three of Camapign Camp include having lunch with Mary Kim Titla, finally meeting Rebekah Baker on "Phones and Drum." Rebekah is the Associate Producer of the Stephanie Miller Show. I was grateful that she took the time to drive over to Morongo through hellish LA traffic to attend last night's dinner honoring Congressman Mike Honda. Kalyn Free presented Representative Honda with a Warrior Award after his wonderful talk in which he discussed the need to increase minority representation in Washington D.C. Last night was capped off by sharing a bottle of campagne with Rebekah. Then it was off to dream-landia where Natives rule the world =)

Faye & Representative Mike Honda (D - CA)

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Mel said...

I sent your blog site to Judy Royster. She was interested in what you were doing there. Now don't get too caught up in the moment there, you have to come back to earth/work/real life some time soon. All is well here. Tulsey fine, but won't let me pet. Be safe and drive careful. -- Mel