Thursday, December 20, 2007

Two Thirds of RML's Household Split Endorsements

Earlier this week I left a comment on one of my favorite doggie bloggers' blogs, (RoxiesWorld), in response to another post that Roxie wrote in support of her candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The comment, for those of you who are not inclined to visit Roxie's World, reads as follows:

Dear Roxie,
You've built a strong case for your candidate, but you've still not allayed my greatest fear, and you have not addressed my, as yet, unanswered question: "Is Hillary electable?" Perhaps it's my perspective that comes from nearly seven years of living in a very red state (OK) interrupted by visits to an even redder state (IN) that gives me pause (not paws, Roxie) to fret. I am a notorious worry-wart, Rox, but I just can't shake the fear that we (Democrats/Liberals/Progressives) are setting ourselves up for a disastrous fall of epic proportions. I have visions of Newt, Rush and their cohorts salivating in the right wing just waiting for a chance to draw more Clinton blood. God, I hope I am wrong, and if Hillary gets the nomination I'll disavow this comment and several posts on my own blog, But Roxie, if there is anything you can say that would assuage my nerves, please tell me now.
Love & Cheers,
Auntie Faye

Alas, Roxie (and her mom, Moose, who helps Roxie with her typing) in her response to my comment, missed my point entirely. Roxie went on and on listing various reasons why many of the candidates on both sides of the aisle have a variety of reasons why their candidacies may fail - such as the color of Barack Obama's skin, or Fred Thompson's napping through the campaign, but all of these obstacles, while they may prove slightly problematic, do not compare to the wrath of the right wing nut jobs as they collect up their hate in anticipation of the monumental fight against Hillary Clinton. How do I know this? Well, answering this question has proven to be a dilemma that I confess gave me pause in figuring how to handle. I must also confess that this is why it has taken me nearly four days to respond to Roxie's response to my comment. You see, one of the reasons I provided in my initial comment and a reason I will return to again is one I am loathe to use, namely, because I hope against hope that Roxie's moms will come and visit me here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it is not my intention to paint my home as the redneck enclave that in some form it very well may be. Yet it is this same neck of the woods from which I gleaned my evidence of Hillary's ultimate defeat/weakness. So you see my trouble - I must rely on all I have learned and sensed from those around me to prove my point that Hillary's nomination will bring every right wing, homophobic, fundamentalist nut job out of the woodwork, all the while defending the place where I live against the arrogant judgment of my East coast friends. I may be living in a dream world to even imagine that my East coast friends (though Moose grew up in Indiana, and Goose hails from Texas) would deign to visit me here in Tulsa (which is a very livable city with two great museums, many fine restaurants, and more than a handful of great people whose values and politics I share, and Tulsa also happens to be the headquarters of INDN's List - an outstanding progressive Native political organization). But I wish that my East coast friends would give me a skosh more credit for recognizing a brewing lynch mob when Hillary and her coterie are soon to be surrounded by one. This is all to say that Roxie not only did not allay my fears, she insulted me by asking if I had indeed said anything at all. I am saying something that I wish more liberal Democrats would listen to, and that is the nomination of Hillary Clinton will mobilize the far right wing more ferverently than gay marriage or abortion ever did. I know, I know, I am sounding more like a Fox news head than the MSNBC junkie I am in real life, but mark my words, kids, this scares the bejesus out of me, and I am still waiting for somebody out there who knows something I don't to assuage my nerves.

All of this being as true today as it was on Monday, I took a poll in my house today and found that I am living in a somewhat divided household, and although I have not yet made up my own mind, it turns out my boyz already have. Dylan - dear, sweet, scallywag Dillie - has thrown his support behind the faux candidacy of Goldwater/Miller (that’s CC, Barry’s granddaughter, and Stephanie, William Miller’s daughter) a ticket that is recreating the 1964 team for shamelessly promotional purposes. What can I say? He may be my son, but he has a mind of his own, and he loves him some Stephanie Miller. Tulsey, on the other hand, has always been a Momma’s boy, and is easily confused, so whenever he hears “Momma’s for Obama” he assumes that the reference is to his Momma (i.e. me), although, as I have already stated, I have not yet made up my mind as to which candidate I will endorse, Tulsey has already cast his lot with Barack.

Anyway, I am writing this post while I should be packing my bags and gathering my gifts because tomorrow morning the boyz and I will be hitting the road bound for Jamestown, Indiana, where we will spend a week with the folks and celebrate the holidaze. So until next Thursday, or until I find a cafe west of Indianapolis, Indiana with free Wi-Fi, I will sign off for a week or so and wish all of my loyal readers a very Happy ChristmaHannaKwansica to you and yours. See you all on the flip side...

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