Saturday, January 19, 2008

And Still the Wars Grind On

Stewart mocks Bush's Middle East 'Bucket List'
(Raw Story, January 16, 2008)

The Wars Grind On - where's the media coverage?

We are approaching the 4000th death of United States troops in Iraq, nevermind the untold thousands who have come home with life-changing wounds and mental trauma that will likely haunt them for the rest of their lives, and yet, the media seems to have bought into the "surge is a smashing success" spin that is coming out of the White House. And according to that story line, no mention is made of the fact that the Iraqi government has met none of the political benchmarks for which the surge was supposed to provide cover.

Little mention of the wars that rage on is heard on the campaign trail as the topic du jour is the "economy stupid." May I remind the news heads and political junkies out there (of which I count myself) that there have been signs that Bush's ill-advised tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans would lead us down this path from the get-go? So now the chickens are coming home to roost, and we are supposed to be surprised that the trickle down economics popularized by Ronald Reagan and the obscene spending that Bush/Cheney's foreign policies have cost us are hurting our collective bottom line at home. Those of use who live basically paycheck to paycheck could have told the powers that be - had they bothered to ask - that this recession has been in the works for the last seven years. Those of us who struggle to pay our mortgages, fill up our gas tanks, and pay unexpected medical bills could have told those insulated jerks who live inside the beltway that this country has been in a recession for at least a year.

I guess that we should be excited that the feds may send us an extra few hundred dollars (a tax refund advance that we will no doubt have to pay taxes on later) this years when we file our tax returns. But once again, Bush/Cheney have missed the point. The point is that the current administration has been spending our money like a drunken sailor on wars that produce nothing worthwhile, but have greatly harmed our reputation in the world. They've spent their way into this mess and then they propose to spend their way out - this gang is clueless until the end.

It is my contention that no economic stimulus will make a dent in our recession or outright depression until the wars are ended and troops are brought home. I still maintain that it is not too late to bring impeachment charges against Bush and Cheney. They must go. They have committed many high crimes and misdeamenors.

Bush is busy palling around the Middle East waiving swords and holding hands with kings and shieks who suppress any dissident voice that may try to point out the utter lack of freedom in their respective countries. His apparent policy is peace through weapons as he brokered a 20 billion dollar weapons sale to Saudi Arabia. His lame attempt to try to turn a warmongering administration into a legacy of peacemaking is as transparent as it is impossible. Bush/Cheney's true legacy will obviously be hatred abroad and economic collapse at home. Thanks loads =(

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