Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Beyond Iowa & NH - A War Rages On...

Excuse me for not celebrating this morning, I am not really all that excited that Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire primary. I still maintain that Hillary is not electable and that nominating her will set the country up for at least four more years of GOP horror, and it is that ongoing horror that I would like to remind readers of this morning. Billions of dollars are still going to Iraq on a daily basis, Iraqis are still dying, U.S. soldiers are still dying, and there is NO END in SIGHT.

Meantime back here in this country, we are deliberating and in many cases celebrating a primary victory of a candidate who voted not only to send troops to Iraq, but has never missed an opportunity to vote to fund the war, and to add insult to injury, this same candidate voted for the Lieberman/Kyl amendment - a most unhelpful piece of legislation that labels the Iranian Guard a terrorist organization (nothing provocative about that, is there?). Anyway, before we all decide that we prefer experience over a real change in leadership, let's consider what this experience has brought us so far. It has brought us an endless war that Ms. Clinton cannot even promise will be over after she has been in office for four years (that remark alone should give every good Democrat pause before they cast their lot with another Clinton). Speaking of another Clinton - I think that the Bush - Clinton - Bush - (Clinton?) line-up needs to be shaken up. Twenty-eight years of essentially a two-family-rule sounds downright un-American, and I think every voter should seriously consider whether continuing this tit for tat presidential carousel should be perpetuated.

This is not the end of the war in Iraq nor the political war here in this country. I'm hoping that the real war (Iraq) ends sometime soon, because no true reconciliation can even begin to happen here at home without addressing conflicts/differences in a more constructive way abroad.

See AlterNet's article: Beyond NH: Campaign Promises Are Empty Until the War Ends.


Anonymous said...

I agree completely. This morning on Democracy Now, with Amy Goodman, some extremely good points were brought up about Obama's candidacy. (link - video & transcript of the interview:

The ridiculous question about whether Obama is "black enough" suddenly seemed to come back with a strange under current - about why it seems so many freedom fighters of yesteryear seem to be missing from Obama's campaign, and why he's getting "unspoken" endorsements from so many rightwing pundits. I used to think it was rather mysterious, but then everything seemed to come to light during this interview. Take a look-see.

This momma is still for Obama, but I'm beginning to lean back toward Edwards again - wishing for an Edwards/Obama or Edwards/Kucinich ticket.

Kudos to your website.

mfhadley said...

Hey there Balleryna2,
Thanks so much for checking back and leaving another comment. I was up early this morning, after composing this post in my mind most all night long. Just wasn't resting easy with the Hillary win. Thanks for the link to DN - I try to listen to Amy Goodman every day, but sometimes it's just too busy here at work. I could get excited about an Edwards/Obama ticket, too. Thanks again.
Radical Militant Librarian