Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obama's Electability Question

There has been some out-loud wondering around the internet about Senator Obama's electability. Some (Hillary supporters) worry that Barack will wilt in the mighty military shadow that John "Methusaleh" McCain (In Hebrew "Methusaleh" means, "when he is dead it shall come." - not a very promising moniker, it seems - I'd be looking very carefully at McCain's choice of a running mate, I'm just saying...). I myself am looking forward to a debate that will present a vivid contrast between what was (McCain) and what will be (Obama). I think that the contrast between an old wheezing geezer and a young African-American man will bring the choice that America will be charged with making in November all the clearer. I'm betting that American will go with true change, real hope, a decisive new course that will take us not further down the road of the Bush/Cheney lost, immoral, illegal and dishonest causes, but instead will launch us in a new direction, a path that promises new wisdom, fresh diplomatic foreign policy, an economic plan that won't rob the poor of their very livelihood to make the rich wealthier. I see Barack Obama as the face of a new America, and John McCain as a tired old Washington insider who is willing to sell his soul, willing to say anything, to change any position to placate the far right-wing of the republican party to get himself elected including the astounding reversal of his stand against waterboarding as torture.

I can't help but smell another stinky campaign tactic that is coming from the Clinton camp in this most recent attempt to worry the Democratic party faithful about Barack Obama's electability. It is no coincidence that this has been the major worry of many Democrats about Hillary Clinton's potential nomination. I just don't think that Obama brings the same baggage to the race that the Clintons bring with them. And I think that every poll taken since McCain became the inevitable republican nominee demonstrates this thesis. Obama routinely beats McCain by a sizeable margin while Clinton runs neck and neck with McCain, and if the race is that close, I wouldn't put it past Karl Rove to come up with another stolen election. That is a scenario for which I would have a very difficult time forgiving my Hillary-supporting friends/acquaintances. Here're the polls I'm talking about.

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