Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Unflappable Barack Obama

I've more than hinted that the whiff of desperation that is curling like smoke from the Clinton camp is a stench that most of us would rather avoid, but the stank is getting worse the closer we get to the edge of the cliff to which the Democratic National Committee is leading us. As we near the decisive primaries of Ohio and Texas, Jonathan Alter has called for Hillary Clinton to step down after the most recent debate, but before the March 4th primaries. It would be a class act from a campaign that has been parading anything but class for the last few weeks, particularly the last few days, but I don't think that Hillary or Bill Clinton will let go of this dream so readily.

Hillary Clinton has tried mocking Obama, tried playing the sarcastic card to his calm demeanor, tried that annoying shrieking cackle of a laugh, tried staring him down during a debate, tried taking notes while he schools her on technique, tried looking away when he hits another homerun. She has tried just about every mood, every look, every stance, every attitude, every glare, toward this one very cool guy (Barack Obama), but he remains unflappable, undeterred, on point, cool, calm and collected. He is one cool dude - Barack Obama is not easily shaken, not easily perplexed, not easily stirred up, not easily vexed. He is one cool dude... he is calm and cool - one very cool dude, quite unflappable, not easily upset, not easily shaken, not easily stirred, not easily bothered or perturbed, or angry or crazed, or made to feel awkward or unsure of himself.

During Tuesday night's debate, he was gracious - even complimenting Hillary on her rather feeble attempt to mock Barack on the stump with her "clouds are parting and celestial beings are coming down" speech. He was in supreme control of his faculties, he gave her credit when he could. Barack even allowed Hillary to chose a word for him - "reject" over "renounce" concerning the Louis Farrakhan flap. He mastered the debate, he delivered decisive phrases and sentences without flinching. He was smooth and cool, a cool dude, a very cool dude. He is unflappable - carry on, Barack Obama, carry on!!! Carry on, Obama, carry on...

Chronicle of Higher Education article (February 27, 2008): Professor Says Obama Campaign Treated His Students 'Like Pros'; Clinton's 'Couldn't Be Bothered'

Maureen Dowd, NYTimes, February 27, 2008, Begrudging His Bedazzling

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