Saturday, March 29, 2008

Will Hillary Please Do the Math?

With none other than Senator Patrick Leahy calling for Hillary to drop out of the race for the good of the Democratic Party, we are all waiting on pins and needles to see what Hillary's next move will be. Will she continue her daily calls to the superdelegates (I personally know a superdelegate who is fielding 4 to 5 calls a day from the Clinton Camp, this is the same camp that couldn't bother to return calls a year ago when the same superdelegate was trying to get Hillary to appear at a national campaign event that addressed Native issues). I don't think that Hillary will get the vote of this particular superdelegate. Nor will she manage to sway enough other delegates (super and otherwise) to secure the nomination, so why won't she do the decent thing and hang it up and begin backing the inevitable Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama? The answer has become clearer and clearer as the race progresses - the Clintons have a win at any cost, by any means necessary, and a never-say-die attitude, that may very well result in a Republican victory in November. I wish Bill and Hillary would put their impressive heads together and face the music that has already begun to play ever more loudly and toss in the towel. The impact of staying in the race cannot be underestimated - all the while the not-so-liberal media has been focusing almost exclusively on the Obama/Clinton fight while ignoring McCain's series of faux pas, mispeaks, and scary policies.

I've already set my sights on Vancouver, British Columbia, should the Clintonistas succeed in making their point that Hillary should be the next president by ensuring that John McCain will be our next president.

More clues that it is time for Hillary Clinton to bow out graciously:

Cash-strapped Clinton fails to pay bills

Senator Chris Dodd: "It’s very difficult to imagine how anyone can believe that Barack Obama can’t be the nominee of the party." (Ben Smith's blog on Politico)

Latest Gallup Poll Shows Obama Over Clinton by 7%

Wall Street Journal (March 31, 2008), New Backing for Obama As Party Seeks Unity

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