Thursday, April 3, 2008

Intelligence vs. Smarts

Watching Chris "Fair Enough" Matthews interview Senator Barack Obama last night at West Chester University I was struck by how very intelligent Obama is. He radiates a thoughtfulness and articulates those thoughts with such seeming ease that I truly began to imagine an intelligent leader in the White House as opposed to the bumbling idiot that we have all suffered through for the last seven and a half years. What a joy it will be to send our president out in the world knowing that he can string together words in a coherent fashion and speak intelligently and eloquently to other world leaders without bracing for the inevitable faux pas, misspeak or bungled phrase.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that Senator Hillary Clinton isn't a smart woman. She is obviously smart in the ways of politics, yet there is a devious quality to her intelligence that leaves me less impressed and more skeptical of her motives. Why did she insist on saying over and over again that she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire when it was just a matter of time until the video surfaced that disproved her story and made her look foolish? Why does she surround herself with political operatives who have consistently given her bad advice? These questions worry me and they do factor into my decision as to whom I will select as the commander-in-chief.

This just confirms to me that the most important criterion for selecting the next president should be intelligence. Bill Clinton had it in spades and that was obvious. Barack Obama has a great and abundant, cool and collected mind and that is impressive, and I believe it should matter more than all the other criteria that we consider when choosing a leader who will face such daunting challenges, disasters, corruption and downright messes that will be the legacy of the current administration. More fuel for Barack's fire, I'm ready to be called an Obamaniac, I've made up my mind and I hope that the outcome is as I want it to be. Obama rocks :D

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Anonymous said...

very good insights - the contrast between how Obama handled the racist charge as opposed to how Hillary flubbed the Bosnia flap is very telling as well. Hillary also responds too often with anger when exposed. Obama denfends his position rationally - without the rancor and acrimony that seem to plague Hill. I thought the question posed to Chelsea was fair, the Monica thing does hurt Hillary's credibility to some extent. the "I'm not some little Tammy Wynette standing by her man" comment still rings in my ears. well, yeah Hillary, you did. you had no clue. one big blind spot that you can't explain away. posing that question to Chelsea was definately hard ball but if you don't want to watch your little girl wilt, don't put her in the spotlight. thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.