Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Once Again the Numbers (& Voters) Let Hillary Down

North Carolina said loud and clearly that Senator Barack Obama is their choice for president, and Indiana came close to agreeing with North Carolina. I really thought that Lake County might put Obama over the top in Indiana. Obama came very close in Indiana, but Hillary Clinton likely did pick up a couple more delegates than Obama from Indiana. I like the image of Terry McAuliffe and Mark Penn (you know that guy is still hanging around) and other die-hard Clinton supporters calling Hillary into a hotel room, asking her to put down the Crown Royal, and holding an intervention - not to get Hillary to admit that she has a problem with alcohol, rather to get her to admit that she no longer has a chance to win the Democratic nomination for the president of these United States. Please see the excellent post on Four Freedoms Blog, by BobR entitled R.E.S.P.E.C.T. See also the headline on today's Huffington Post: Obama vs. McCain. Also on the Huffington Post is an interesting piece on McCain's Rough Night, pointing out that the republican presumptive nominee is still having trouble winning over the hearts and minds of the GOP base.
But I will miss Kay to the Jay to the Eye El in da Hizzie saying "Hirrary." :D Kim out!!!

For a somber take on last night's results, see Scoopster's post on the Daily Kos - On trust, forgiveness, and our common future.

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