Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yes, She Can & Yes, She Did!!!

"We must work with optimism and confidence" - perhaps a more sophisticated version of "Yes, we can."
Jim Bourg/Reuters

I truly hope that this post will be accepted by the Hillary Clinton supporters in the manner in which it is offered, with sincerity and gratitude. Thank you Senator Hillary Clinton. Your speech was graciousness personified, especially the parts in which you embraced and endorsed Senator Barack Obama.

Even before she struck her first line, she began to do her characteristic "clap, clap, point, clap, clap," but she caught herself and stopped after one point and went back to a rousing applause before launching into her speech with a witty, yet-not-too-cute opening remark: "This isn't the party I planned, but I sure like the company." Every note was hit right for the occasion, every word rang true, every phrase was joy to the ears of Democrats across the country who yearn so desperately for the unity that Mrs. Clinton expressed and encouraged today.

Thank you Senator Clinton for your inspirational words that sought to encourage each and every one of your supporters to get behind Barack Obama and make sure that this momentous opportunity at this historic moment in time is not wasted by a lack of unity, a failure to come together as a single party, a failure to rise as one voice coming out of the crowd, chanting "Yes, we can." ("We must work with optimism and confidence.")

The blogosphere is abuzz with congratulatory remarks on Clinton's historic speech, with a few bloggers even suggesting that one of the points negotiated on Thursday evening in Dianne Feinstein's living room was the loaning of a speech-writer or two to help Clinton craft what was easily the best speech she has given during this campaign, perhaps ever given. Congratulations Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton - and thank you for your service, service that you have already given and the service that you have yet to give. Thank you, Hillary, thank you.

Here's the transcript of Hillary Clinton's Speech (Washington, D.C., June 7, 2008).

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