Sunday, July 27, 2008

Da Boyz are Back in Town!

Dylan & Tulsey in Jamestown, Indiana
(Summer Camp with Grandma & Grandpa)

Yesterday I drove from Tulsa, OK to Rolla, MO and met my parents who handed off my doggies to me. Da boyz had been staying with my Mom & Dad since I dropped them off over the 4th of July weekend. Tulsey and Dylan are both leaner and seem to be better behaved than they were when I left them at my folks' farm in Jamestown, Indiana. They stayed outside most all of the time while they were there (except when they were allowed in the garage when a thunderstorm blew through - thunder scares the bejesus out of the boyz like nothing else, with the possible exception of fireworks). Anyway, I just wanted to let those who are regular readers of this blog know that da boyz are back in town, and my house is once again filled with the joy and companionship that only dogs can bring. Yeah :)

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