Monday, July 7, 2008

A Note to Loyal Readers of this Blog

I just wanted to apologize and explain why I haven't added a new post in almost a week. On Thursday, I drove from Tulsa to Jamestown, Indiana to celebrate my Mom's birthday (and the 4th of July) and to leave my doggies (Tulsey & Dylan) at "summer camp." The house is now entirely too quiet and feels empty, but I will drive back to Jamestown (about 620 miles) at the end of July and pick up da boyz. They will no doubt be leaner when I see them next; in fact, my brother-in-law noticed that Dillie has gotten rather chubby, so we whispered that this was "fat camp" for Dylan ;) Anyway, here's a little something for you all to watch and listen to. I hope that this eye candy (Willie or Sheryl - whichever way you swing) makes up for the lack of posts.

Sheryl Crow & Willie Nelson - On the Road Again (Dedicated to RB :D )


Victoria said...

How is your sister doing? I am now size 11! vas

Victoria said...

Sorry, meant to add that I need to get some vintage from her! vas

mfhadley said...

I'm not going to see Lynnie until July 16th, after AALL. I'll see what I can find in your size - I think I know your tastes - I can make a stab at it anyway.