Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't Be a Sucka For the GOP

Since long before Thomas Frank wrote What's the Matter with Kansas? I have always wondered about the legions of middle-class and working-class people who vote time and time again against their own best interest, by casting their votes for the Republican party and their candidates. I can't help but feel that the Hill-bots (i.e. PUMAs) are following in the footsteps of all those other misguided souls who cast a vote against their own best interest. Why are these men and women threatening to vote for John McSame or to stay at home and not vote at all rather than casting a vote that might actually achieve the change that they were so hungry for when Hillary Clinton offered it. I just don't get it.

The GOP may not understand it either, but that won't stop McInsane and his campaign from exploiting these folks to their own ends. To wit, see McSame's recently released campaign ad that features the words of Hillary Clinton used against Barack Obama. Please don't be a dupe for the RNC!

But alas, the PUMAs of this country are post-rational (po-rash to mfaye) a phrase coined by Rachel Maddow (see recent post Mad About Maddow, this blog). Which of course is a popular intellectual's way of sayin' that there is no reasonin' wit 'em. They are living in another world. Even Chris Matthews challenged the smart one (Ms. Maddow) that her comment wouldn't win over many Hillary supporters, Maddow retorted "I'm not trying to win over any Hillary fans, I am just trying to put up a good argument." May I say that Maddow makes loads of sense to me, while the Hill-bots (I am tiring of the PUMA meme already) just don't make any sense to me at all - yet it seems that every time I try to point this out I am shouted back down by the ultimate victim's cry "But he didn't win fair and square," accompanied by stomping feet and pounding fists. A little child crying out "No, I won't eat my peas, no, I won't, I won't!" Whatever, just please don't console yourself with the thought that Obama (if he should come up short in this race), lost this race on his own. If John McInsane manages to steal this election, you better be prepared to look in the mirror on November 5th and recognize the reason why this world will come crumbling down - it is you and your ilk, and I, for one, will never ever forgive you for it. I am not kidding.

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