Sunday, October 5, 2008

Downticket Candidates

So everybody is talking about the Vice Presidential Debate (or at least the fabulous Saturday Night Live parody that can be viewed here if you still haven't seen it):

along with the top of the tickets and what kind of strategy each will bring to the debate on Tuesday night. But those candidates aren't the only candidates running. There are a number of candidates who are running for a seat in Congress. Here in Oklahoma we have a young politician, Andrew Rice, who is running an uphill battle against one of the most out-of-touch members of the U.S. Senate (Jim Inhofe). Most recent polls show Andrew Rice within striking distance of Jim Inhofe, and as a resident of Oklahoma I am hoping beyond hope that Rice can send Inhofe back to the Sooner State and bring a real change not only to Oklahoma but also to the Nation's capital.

Another significant challenge to a GOP incumbent Senate seat is Al Franken who, as of today, is leading Norm Coleman in Minnesota. Another important race is out in New Mexico where Tom Udall is running against Heather Wilson for the seat currently held by Republican stalwart Pete Domenici. In Alaska, Mark Begich is trying to unseat the currently indicted Ted Stevens (whose trial is ongoing in Washington D.C.). Other possible pick-ups for Democrats this November include Kay Hagan in North Carolina (who is poised to upset Elizabeth "Enough with the Viagra, Bob" Dole). Jeff Merkley is running a very tight race against incumbent Gordon "I'm just a RINO - Republican-in-name-only" Smith. In Virginia, Mark Warner is up 20% points plus on Jim Gilmore. Last but certainly not least, Jeanne Shaheen is in a very tight race against John Sununu up in New Hampshire. Many of these races will depend on the turn-out and the enthusiasm that voters show for the top-of-the-ticket candidates (Obama or McCain).

Just another reason why it is so important to not only cast your vote for the Democratic ticket (if you claim to be a Democrat!), but also follow through and mark the rest of your ballot for the Democratic Senate and House candidates. Obama and Biden are going to need a working majority to begin the monumental work that it will take to clean up the colossal mess left by the Bush/Cheney administration.

Here's Obama's latest ad to counter the incessant attack ads from the McBush camp:

For a hilarious satirical piece on Mrs. Palin, please read the Four Freedoms Exclusive penned by the fabulous Velveeta Jones.

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