Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sat NO to H8!!!

Today I am heading to downtown Tulsa, OK, specifically the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center, where I will make a sign (not exactly sure yet what it will say, but it will definitely convey the sentiment that LOVE is NOT WRONG and should never be constrained by laws, regulations, or the tyranny of the majority who may not approve of who you love). Then I will march with my head held high down the sidewalks of Tulsa, OK (the reddest of the red states - ugh!) and express my ideas about love and marriage to all who care to pay attention. To further inspire me and those of you who have not yet decided how you will spend your Saturday, here is a video that captures the words of Harvey Milk (LGBT Activist and Politician 1930 - 1978).
Watch it and if you don't have other plans for today, think about joining me and many, many others who support equal rights for all citizens of this country:

The Dennis R. Neill Equality Center is located at the corner of East 4th Street (621 E. 4th St.) and South Kenosha Avenue. We will be meeting there to make signs and banners in just about an hour, then we will be marching down to City Hall where we will make our voices heard! Please come join us!!! Thank you and have a great day!

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Myra (Arym) said...

That is a very inspiring video. I believe I saw it recently on GayUSA. I think the march turned out great, and I'm glad you were there. I've just posted my video of the Tulsa Join the Impact March on my Lo-Fidelity blog. Both you and your car made the final edit. Cheers!