Monday, January 5, 2009

Just for Fun

A Few New Year's Resolutions Suggested for the Stephanie Miller Show Crew:

-- Jim "Voice Diety" Ward decides sobriety is overrated, Jim resolves to resume drinking with both hands.

-- Rebekah Baker resolves to add an Admiral Stockdale impression to her repertoire.

-- Steph resolves to pursue a serious relationship with Jesus (her yard man NOT THE SON of GOD).

-- The entire crew of the SMS resolves to take every Friday off - giving a whole new meaning to "Fridays with Frangela."

-- Stephanie resolves to stop going to the Abby for Happy Hour (Steph hates that she is often mistaken for Liz Taylor).

-- The number one resolution of the Stephanie Miller Show - more fart jokes, less political analysis!

Happy New Year Steph & Company - keep the laughs coming. We're gonna need 'em :-)

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