Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Conservative Questions Bush

As glad as I am that this "practicing christian and political conservative" has started to see the light, it doesn't excuse in my mind the fact that this guy is one of millions of Americans responsible for awarding Bush the power that he has so contemptibly abused. This is a fine mess that they have gotten us into - how do they propose to extract us from the fallout from this abysmal administration? Any ideas above and beyond bashing the Democrats would be much appreciated. Vamos a ver (we'll see) if they have any true constructive suggestions to offer the country in an effort to atone for their horrible misjudgment.
Faye in Tulsa, OK

Bush, Iraq Lead a Conservative to Question
From an on-air essay that aired on NPR, January 11, 2007:

"As President Bush marched the country to war with Iraq, even some voices on the Right warned that this was a fool's errand. I dismissed them angrily. I thought them unpatriotic. But almost four years later, I see that I was the fool. In Iraq, this Republican President for whom I voted twice has shamed our country with weakness and incompetence, and the consequences of his failure will be far, far worse than anything Carter did. The fraud, the mendacity, the utter haplessness of our government's conduct of the Iraq war have been shattering to me."Rod Dreher, contributor to National Review and the Corner, a current columnist for The Dallas Morning News, a self-described "practicing Christian and political conservative."

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