Sunday, January 7, 2007

President Pelosi?

"The American people and the Congress support those troops. We will not abandon them. But if the president wants to add to this mission, he is going to have to justify it and this is new for him because up until now the Republican Congress has given him a blank check with no oversight, no standards, no conditions,"
Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi on Face the Nation, Jan. 7, 2007

Hey there Stephanie,
I was just watching Speaker Pelosi's gracious, strong, and articulate performance on "Face the Nation," and it got me thinking, perhaps the Dems have been focusing on the WRONG woman to run as the first female President of the United States. Why not Nancy Pelosi for President in 2008??? Just a thought, though I think it is worth considering.
Cheers - your radical militant librarian,
Faye in Tulsa, OK

To check out Nancy Pelosi's appearance on Face the Nation, see:


Melanie Nelson said...

I love Arunhati Roy's insightful and touching quote. Another reason that the subcontinent of India is fascinating and complex, filled with contradictions but capable of producing authors with critical vision of their own society.

As to your recommendation of Pelosi for President. Give her time to see what she can accomplish in Congress before throwing her into the cauldron of Presidential politics. Let's save some good ones for legislative work.

mfhadley said...

Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I was being a bit "tongue-in-cheek" as far as my endorsement of Pelosi for president. I guess my point was that there are certainly many qualified women who could head a Democratic ticket in 2008. Thanks again.