Sunday, February 4, 2007

Give John a Chance

Remember John Edwards - the brighter half of the Kerry/Edwards Ticket in 2004? I remember admiring John Kerry because he chose a running mate who was arguably more charismatic than he was. I've been following John Edwards since that stolen election in 2004, and I'm glad to see that he is back in the race - this time without the sad sack Senator Kerry dimming his light. His rousing and well-received speech at the DNC meeting in DC last Friday reminded me once again why I like John Edwards: his passion, his ability to turn a phrase, his idealism, his consistent message that we have become two Americas - one rich, the other poor, and that this is unacceptable in a country with all the resources and wealth that exist here. I'm not saying that John Edwards deserves to be the Democratic nominee. I, like many other loyal Democrats, are waiting to see who emerges as the strongest candidate and I'll support whoever the party selects all the way to the White House. I just wanted to mention John Edwards as a viable candidate for all those who think his resume is too light (another blogger said "what has he done in his public life except run for president?"). I beg to differ, John Edwards has a message for America and a message for the Democratic Party that I hope we all hear. We should all aspire to being "One Country" NOT two. Here's to John Edwards and his message for America! Let's all give him a listen with a fresh ear.

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Mary said...

I agree! It's time to stop looking for what's wrong with potential candidates and start looking at what's right.