Thursday, February 8, 2007

Things I've Learned from Listening to the SMS

Stephanie read this list this morning at the top of Hour 2:

Things I've Learned from Listening to the Stephanie Miller Show:

Nose job came before hip lipo which came after butt impression.

It isn't Monday without a delightful story about how her 100 pound puppy "Max" mauled Momma on the couch.

Just like Britney, Steph never wears panties.

Stephanie has more delusions than your average schizophrenic.

Don't be embarassed to buy your wine in boxes or admit that you can't dance - go ahead and do both anyway.

Stephanie's mother is 84 years old and is a registered Republican.

Stephanie may never marry and have kids, but if she did she wouldn't spank them nor would she let them listen to her own show until they are at least 16.

Daily spinning classes make your butt look fabulous.

And the Number One thing I've learned from listening to the SMS:

Finally learned all the words to the "Lying Sack of Crap" song and can now join eight-year-olds across the country in a sing along.

Cheers - your radical militant librarian,
Faye in Tulsa, OK

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