Friday, March 2, 2007

Another Bill to Consider

Here's a link to the presidential exploratory committee for Bill Richardson, currently the governor of New Mexico, a place near and dear to me. I've been following Governor Richardson's career since I first became aware of him in the early 80s when I was living in Albuquerque the first time (I moved away from New Mexico in 1989 and back to New Mexico ten years later). I was never a resident when Richardson was governor of the state, but I have followed his administration closely via good friends who still live in Albuquerque, and Richardson was a Congressman from NM's Third District for 14 years (1983 - 1997).

One subject that Governor Richardson shines on (and an issue that matters a great deal to me) are issues that impact Native America. Richardson served one term as Chairman of the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Native American Affairs in the 103rd Congress (1993-1994). While in the House, Richardson sponsored some of the most prominent Native American bills that were signed into law by President Bill Clinton. Those bills include the Indian Tribal Justice Act, the American Indian Religious Freedom Act Amendments, the American Indian Trust Fund Management Reform Act, the American Indian Agricultural Resource Management Act, the Indian Dams Safety Act, the Tribal Self-Governance Act, the Indian Tribal Jurisdiction Bill (commonly known as the “Duro Fix”) and the Jicarilla Apache Tribe Water Rights Settlement Act.

To read more about Governor Richardson's 2008 Presidential Campaign, click here.
Indian Country Today did an interview with Bill Richardson.

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