Sunday, March 4, 2007

Elayne Boosler to fill in for Stephanie

Elayne Boosler & Merrill Markoe Sit in for Steph and the Boyz (March 5 -9, 2007)

While Stephanie is off on her secret "cryptic" mission in New York City (we hope that she is doing more than stalking her "Future Husband" Keith Olbermann), we all will have the distinct pleasure of listening to the hilarious team of Elayne Boosler and Merrill Markoe. Elayne and Merrill both blog at The Huffington Post. They are two very funny gals and as Steph herself says, apparently she didn't get the memo about getting sucky hosts to fill in for her when she is on vacation. We true Steph-heads will miss Momma while she is away, but wish her every success with her mysterious venture in the Big Apple.

Meantime we welcome both Elayne Boosler and Merrill Markoe (BTW, two of Merrill's books: What the Dogs have Taught Me, and Other Amazing Things I've Learned and Walking in Circles before Lying Down are both on my reading pile). I promise to get to them before the end of the summer!

Also a real plus about both Elayne and Merrill is that they are both true animal lovers. Elayne runs an organization called "Tails of Joy" that helps out the furry four leggeds. Check it out, and Merrill, if you couldn't tell from the titles of her books, is a real dog-lover. Way to go grrrls, doggies and dog-lovers have a special place in my heart. We wish you the very best as you guest host the SMS!

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