Friday, March 30, 2007

Greenwald on How Neo-Cons have Reshaped Our Reality

Good Morning Steph,
I realize that you are taking a well-deserved day off today, and I hope that you enjoy your time away from work, but I just wanted to be sure that you saw this piece by one of my favorite bloggers, Glenn Greenwald, who basically says what you've been saying all along - that Goldwater and his Republican Party would not recognize today's Neo-Cons who are running this country into the ground. He does a good job of laying out the argument point-by-point and demonstrating how far a field the current-day Republicans have gone from their once-upon-a-time platform of limited government and fiscal conservatism. In fact, the goal of the current Neo-Con cabal who are running this country is to grow government, specifically the executive branch, to an extreme degree so that it becomes an all-powerful control of virtually every aspect of our lives - Not exactly what Barry and Bill (your Dad) had in mind, eh?
Cheers - your radical militant librarian,

"The Bush presidency and the political movement that supports it is not driven by any of the abstract political principles traditionally associated with 'liberalism' or 'conservatism.' Whatever else one wants to say about the Bush presidency, it has nothing to do with limiting the size, scope and reach of the federal government. The exact opposite is true."

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