Monday, April 30, 2007

Let Dan Abrams Know That You Love Steph!!!

Stephanie Miller, Jim "Voice Deity" Ward, and Chris "Cute as a Button" Lavoie were in the MSNBC house this morning and what a wake up call it was! Things started off a tad shaky as Momma and her lovable mooks got their sea, er TV, legs, but by hour two Momma had figured out the phone-in machine and the Voice Deity was in full swing and Executive Producer "Boy Toy" Lavoie only missed one discernible cue. They were the best thing I've seen on the boob tube (no reference meant to Momma's purple sweater - and I do mean sweater - more on that in a moment).

Let's just sit back a minute and allow some of our own wonderful progressive, liberal voices to bask in the limelight that they veritably snatched out from under Imus and other true ToxJocks (credit Roxie for coining that apt and able term) this morning. Mr. Abrams should give himself a raise for having the foresight and vision to put this wonderful crew on the air. What a breath of fresh air, what an amazing sea-change, what insight, what a show - I could go on and I think I will... As I mentioned it took these quick studies no longer than the first several minutes of the first hour to work out their kinks. Stephanie is a TV pro, and Jim Ward a star of stage and screen, but the one who stole my heart was little Chris Lavoie - all blinky and dewey-eyed in his virgin TV appearance (not counting the rib-eating contest that Chris participated in during a radio stunt in Phoenix.) The gang of three and lovely Rebekah Baker back in LA on phones and drums set the cable news world on fire. If you missed it, shame on you. But never fear, if you didn't see the show this morning, you have another chance to catch Momma and the mooks tomorrow - same time, same channel (6:00 - 9:00am EST on MSNBC). Do yourself a favor - don't miss it! And if you enjoy the show half as much as I did - let Dan Abrams know. E-mail him at or and give our grrrl and her team a plug.

Now back to an honest critique of the show, lest my radical militant bias become too obvious. So here are a few words about the purple sweater with the emphasis on "sweater." A round of "Oh dears" were hear across the nation this morning when Steph lifted her arms in an enthusiastic move, we noticed that she was not only wearing the much-requested form-fitting purple sweater, but she had also chosen to forego the pads under her arms, so we found out that Momma is a real-life human who sweats and talks and jokes (and probably farts, too, but my point here is not to be indelicate.) Rather it is just to point out that not a single one of us is perfect, but some of us are certainly loads of fun, and I have to say that not only is Stephanie Miller loads of fun but she is also a barrel of laughs. I e-mailed Steph and suggested that she may want to select a less form-fitting top for tomorrow, but otherwise don't change a thing. The SMS ROCKS - check it out!

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