Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stephanie Miller - TRAILBLAZER

Dear Stephanie,
As the late great Janis Joplin once said "I don't mean to heavy up on you or anything," BUT this comment that I read tonight expresses almost exactly how I and many many others across the country are feeling about your much-anticipated appearance on MSNBC Monday. I know that you are known for your self-deprecating humor which easily dismisses your wonderful radio show as "Senator-fart joke-senator-fart joke and more fart jokes..." But I really believe that you are so much more than a forum for talking heads interrupted by juvenile jokes and fart sounds (as well as the occasional beaver reference). I just want to say that you are a BIG part of the change that we all have been so hungry for in this country for at least the last six years. And I just want to say and HUGE "You Go Girrrrl!!!" to you and everyone who believes, as I do, that we must be the change we want to see in this world, Go, Stephie, Go.

"I have to say that a remarkably intimate, yet expansive, community of thought seems to be forming across television, film, and the Internet. There's a rather quiet, yet intense, movement of thought and expression building. It focuses not so much on any particular ideology ("right" or "left"), but on a common, critical-mass thirst to dispel the deception, irrationality, and utter hubris that has been corroding our proud country for what seems like an eternity.

An undeniable intellectual and social confluence is rapidly gaining momentum and solidarity. This solidarity is amazingly organic, not hierarchical -- its only guide is the sixth sense of skepticism, outrage, and, yes, reason. It transcends party. It is oceanic, atmospheric. An intellectual, moral, societal, and psychological gestalt as ancient as humanity itself, kept underfoot by a long winter, but indelibly germinating once again with the thaw.

It is literally everywhere now. The voices of blindness and rage cannot shake me anymore. I haven't felt such hope in a very long time."
DCLaw1, Comment to Glenn Greenwald's Post,, April 27, 2007

"This is the sea change America needs so profoundly, and there are many signs that it is emerging and growing in strength. The 2006 election -- a truly crushing defeat for the President's political movement -- was but a glimpse of it, and the amount of wrongdoing and sleaze that has been revealed in just three months of real Congressional oversight is but a small sampling of what is to come."
Glenn Greenwald,, April 28, 2007

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