Monday, July 16, 2007

Recent Gems from the SMS

The word on the street is that this blog has gotten a tad too ranty, so in an attempt to appear responsive to our audience, the folks at present, not unlike our namesake show (The Stephanie Miller Show) a fun stack (something that both the readers of this blog and the listeners of the SMS may recognize as a trope that Stephie often uses when the Stand-up News or Right-wing World just gets too damn ugly). So we offer our version of a blogspot fun stack forthwith:

From Jim "Voice Deity" Ward: coins a definition of "Mogma (as in "liquid-hot mogma") - it's like dogma only hotter." (June 25, 2007)
From Chris "Boy Toy" Lavoie: saying that he plans to put the most recent Osama Bin Laden video in his Netflix queue. (July 16, 2007)
And my new favorite drop: "The last time she was here, she drank too much cherry wine and had a three-way with my parents." (played originally after Stephanie returned from her last trip to Madison, replayed this morning after Steph's triumphant return from Seattle).
Stephie's Spectacular Behind
(photos courtesy of TreeFriend)
Speaking of Stephanie's trip to Seattle, if you, like me, had nothing better to do on Saturday night last, than tune into the web cast of the panel presentation billed as "Perfect Presidents or Perfect Politicians" you may have been frustrated as I was by the technical difficulties that made a smooth viewing of the event virtually impossible. Never fear, KPTK AM 1090, Seattle's own progressive voice, has now put the audio of the evening up on their web site, and there is a note that they will be adding the video in the next few days. So check back with this site or with KPTK itself and watch Momma get it ON with five other HOT talk show hosts - rumor has it, it was HOT in there (so take off all your clothes... =)

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