Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Collapsing House of Cards

History will not be kind to George W. Bush. What evidence does anybody have that history will redeem the presidency of George W. Bush when the hallmark of this administration has been secrecy? There are very good reasons why Bush and Cheney don’t want you to know what they’re doing, who they’re talking to, how much money is changing hands. The obvious reason they don’t want to tell us much of anything is that they are ashamed of what they are doing, and they know that what they are doing is wrong, illegal, and immoral. I can hear my cousin, a pot-smoking conservative Hoosier who dropped out of college after a couple years and now cleans windows while living in the same house in which he was reared, saying “No, you’re wrong, they are keeping those secrets because if they revealed them the terrorists would win.” My response to that inane talking point is, “Define winning, and better yet, describe a scenario in which disclosing a list of attendees from an energy policy meeting that took place five years ago would put the country or even the people on the list in jeopardy.” The only result that might come from disclosing the attendees of that energy policy meeting is that it would reveal the depth of incestuousness that exists between the vice president and the big oil companies. And to those who might want to claim that the details from an energy meeting are not the only thing that this administration is keeping quiet about – I must reply “Exactly, my point." It is standard operating procedure for this White House to not just play their cards close to their chest, but also to deny that they are even engaged in a game of cards.

The answer is always "no," that is if the question is something along the lines of who, what, where, how or most importantly, why. The answer is always, “No, you can’t see that document,” or “No, I don’t recall saying that,” or “No, I don’t remember,” or “No, we decline to follow the law,” or “No, you cannot question that person,” or “No, I will not honor a Congressional subpoena,” or “No, I will not tell you, the American people, a damn thing about the business about which I am engaging in your name and with your money." "No, I am not going to keep you in the loop, in fact, you will not ever know what loopy logic steers this administration you’ve got representing you in the world." or a simple “F*ck you” (Cheney answer only). Finally, all I’m saying is I’d bet my eternity on the forecast that history will treat George W. Bush as the worst president that this country has ever put up with.

As the National Archives pull back the cloak that has covered the Nixon administration, NARA is revealing the heretofore unknown, but suspected, underbelly of the dirtiest, meanest and nastiest man who ever sat in the Oval Office. What makes anyone think that the revelations over time that will bring the Bush/Cheney administration into the light will uncover anything less disgusting? The only difference between the Nixon White House and Bush's counterpart is that the Bush legacy will be as the most incompetent, duplicitous and disastrous presidency, rather than just the nastiest as was the case with Nixon. Secrecy is rarely a good thing in a Democracy, and even less so when the secrecy is in place to cover the most heinous lies and crimes that a president and his administration have ever perpetrated on the American people. Impeach Bush & Cheney NOW! Click here to read the report - Government Secrecy: Decisions without Democracy

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