Sunday, September 23, 2007

Iraq War Cost = 720 Million a Day

The American Friends Service Committee has been doing some calculations and the results are not encouraging for those of us who value peace over war, health over death, infrastructure over destruction, and education over genocide. AFSC (a Quaker peace organization) has determined that the occupation of Iraq is costing the American taxpayer 720 million dollars each day. That is the equivalent of building 84 new elementary schools or providing 6482 families with new homes or making sure over 423,529 children have health care or outfitting over 1. 2 million homes with energy-efficient renewable electricity. What could you do with 500,000 dollars each minute for the next 24 hours???

I don't know about you all, you are probably making loads more money than I am, but it will likely take me the better part of the next ten years to earn what this country spends in Iraq every damn minute of every day. That's a butt load of cash and I challenge any right-wing Bush/Iraq war supporter to tell me exactly what we are getting for this outrageous price tag. What are we accomplishing over there? The Iraqis don't want us in their country any more (if they ever did). The animosity that we are generating in the Muslim world is unparalleled and certainly counterproductive in our struggle against terrorism.

Please visit the AFSC's web site and sign their petition to end this fiasco in Iraq and redirect our national spending to real things that help real people.

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