Monday, October 1, 2007

Steph throws her well-worn ball cap into the ring

"Four Boobs - Better Than an Entire Administration of 'em!"That's right folks Stephanie Miller is joining C.C. Goldwater in a bid for the White House. Our only complaint is that Momma is on the bottom of the ticket (just like her Dad was is 1964).
C.C. called in to the show this morning in hour 3 and made the big announcement (surprising - not really, not after all the hints and teases that Momma had hoisted onto her listeners all last week and in hours 1 and 2 of today's show). Nevertheless, they (C.C. and Steph) made it official and launched their fairly content-free web site at the same time. So visit their web site, sign up for their newsletter, and send them stuff to put up on their empty and sad little web site.

Here's the disclaimer that is emblazoned across the bottom of the welcome page: "The information contained herein is fictitious, satirical and intended for promotional and entertainment purposes only." The key word in that phrase is "promotional" - ya think?

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