Saturday, November 17, 2007

Note to loyal readers of this blog...

I just wanted to let the cadre of loyal readers (you may be small in number, but you are mighty in spirit =) know that I will be out of the loop for the next seven days. I will be on a big boat floating (hopefully) somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. I will be with all ten members of my immediate family (parents, my brother, both of my sisters, my married sister's husband and their three children - ages 11, 13 & 15). We will be onboard a Carnival cruise ship. I'm not even sure where our ports of call will be, because I figure I'm not responsible for guiding the vessel, so it's not for me to worry where we go. I'm sure that we will all gain a few pounds as cruises have a reputation for being nothing if not floating buffets, but there is also a gym onboard (yeah right - that's where you'll find me =). I will more than likely be lounging on the lido deck with a good book in one hand and an exotic beverage with a tiny umbrella in it in the other. In any case, I will be composing future posts in my mind, I'm sure, and I'll report back how it was to spend turkey day on the high seas. Happy Thnaksgiving to everyone out in the blogosphere. Bon Voyage!

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