Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Obama Coming on Strong

"I am not opposed to all wars. I’m opposed to dumb wars....There are battles that we need to fight. There are battles that we willingly join. The battles against ignorance and intolerance. Corruption and greed. Poverty and despair."
Senator Barack Obama, October 2002

Barrow, Alaska Residents for Obama
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Super Tuesday was nothing but a long night of little sleep for us political geeks who stayed up to watch and see who would take California - congratulations Senator Clinton (and a nod to Hillary's strongest doggie-supporter, Roxie of Roxie's World, whose predictions turned out to be spot on). Still, I think that we still got us a real race here in America and that to my mind is the real story of Super Tuesday. May I remind readers that only a few short months ago Hillary Clinton had the national polls all but sown up with a double-digit lead, and now that lead has all but disappeared with the delegate count virtually tied. Senator Obama raised three dollars for every single dollar raised by the Clinton camp in January 2008, a significant fact given that this race may go on for the long haul and every dime raised will be spent.

It is significant that Senator Obama excels in the caucus format and that in the upcoming contests, three of the four next races are caucuses (Nebraska and Washington State on February 9, Maine on February 10). For a complete primary calendar see the NYTimes Election Guide 2008. Plus there is the momentum thing - and Obama's got it by the boatload. My money is still on Senator Barack Obama. And given the apparent reality that the the GOP (with the emphasis on OLD) will indeed run John "Methuselah" McCain on the top of their ticket, the Democratic choice becomes even more strategic. I have maintained all along that there is only one politician who can mobilize the right-wing base to go to the polls (even more than Old Man McCain could convince the GOP faithful to stay home) and that politician in Senator Hillary Clinton. I'm just saying...

And what's this I hear about Hillary Clinton agreeing to a debate on Faux News? I hate the smell of desperation in the morning, and sorry Camp Clinton that is the whiff I'm getting from you all. First it was the suspect after-the-fact Michigan victory claim ('scuse me, but weren't there only two names on the ballot in Michigan - yours and Mr. Kucinich's), then it was the bogus partay that Hillary flew into Florida to throw for herself after that dubious win, and now she's ignoring many good reasons from every thinking Democrat and agreeing to sell herself out to Faux News. I hope that Senator Clinton is left debating by herself on this horrendus excuse for a news channel - shame on you, Senator Clinton =(

Bob Harris compares Clinton and Obama on Iraq.

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