Monday, February 4, 2008

And Then There Were Two (Obama & Clinton)

Nevermind Cynthia McKinney ("Oh no you don't, grrrlfriend, don't you even think about running for president for no Green Party. You'll be setting us up for 4 if not 8 more years of the same old heartache that we been suffering through since 2000. I don't care how pure you think your campaign is, how high-minded, how righteous and green you think your party is, you ain't nothing but a spoiler, and you ain't gonna spoil my celebration when a Black man or a woman gets close enough to the White House to smell the coffee brewing in the oval office. I sure as sh*t ain't voting for you if it means that we have to live in president mccain's world just so that you can get your vote on. Oh no, grrrlfriend, you ain't gonna go all Ralph Nader on our ass, you ain't getting my vote, or a thin dime of my hard-earned money.")

The above tirade was chanelled through me from my old pal Waylene Dixon, a hair (& nails) salon owner in Kokomo, Indiana who isn't afraid to speak truth to power (even when the power may be in the form of an outspoken African-American former Congresswoman from Georgia).

Ever since Ralph Nader added to the likelihood that Bush/Cheney could more easily steal the presidency, I have not had any use whatsoever for third party candidates. They are usually spoilers, nothing more, nothing less. Of late they have sprung from left-of-center and appeal to those purer-than-thou voters who just won't compromise their principles for a victory that would probably be a much better alternative than the outcome that their votes might produce. I agree wholeheartedly with my friend Waylene, and I encourage all of you to just say "No" to Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader or Michael Bloomberg. Vote for a bonafide Democrat for a change. If you live in any of the 22 states that hold their primary elections tomorrow - get out there and vote for the Democratic candidate of your choice. Just do it =)

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Anonymous said...

don't mess with mckinney, girl. she's got a mean swing and a mind to take that swing! And she doesn't have to answer to the DNC! duck!