Saturday, February 2, 2008

So Long to 8 Horrendous Years

Sally Anthony "So Long"
I just wanted to post a video of disturbing images that I hope will serve to remind everyone of the importance of voting in not just your primary election (which for many of us is next Tuesday, February 5th), but also in the general election in November, and please make sure that your vote represents a true change away from the criminal course of the current administration that is responsible for all of these disturbing images. In other words - vote for the Democratic candidate because any of the GOP clowns will just perpetuate the same Bush/Cheney horrible, evil policy. Don't stay home, don't leave this decision to your neighbors or co-workers, stand up for yourself and your family, vote for an America of which we can all be proud. Vote DEMOCRATIC!!! Do it for yourself and for future generations. Thank you.

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