Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Activity in Stephlandia (or Happy Tax Day :( )

DJ from the Empire State launched on the air yesterday morning via the Stephanie Miller Show a new Steph Fan Feature (tm) - Viva la Stephipedia, a wiki that focuses on all things Steph. That is just one of the many tidbits to report from Stephlandia today. The Stephanie Miller Live Blog is giving FourFreedoms Blog a run for its money (the sad thing is that none of this is making any of us any money :( ). Many die-hard bloggers like Raine, BobR, Liv, Shane-O and yours truly have become bi-bloggers (simultaneously blogging on two different live blogs). It varies between being a tedious task and challenging chore. But I will have to forego my bi-blogging today, because I'm back at work with many e-mails to answer, a research question to look into for a student, and my usual tasks as a radical militant librarian. The above cartoon is from a regular poster at FourFreedomsblog.com who goes by the handle - shelaghc.

Plus today is TAX DAY - I always wait until the last minute - it's my little gift to Uncle Sam. I let him collect interest on my money until the last possible day I can file, which is today. I'm not sure why I do this. It isn't as if the current administration spends my money in any kind of way that agrees with me. I personally wouldn't spend another dime in Iraq, given that they are sitting on oil revenue that ought to begin to pay for the reconstruction of their own country - sorry, we wrecked your country, but we think it would be better if we leave now (only if you agree, and rumor has it that you'll see us off with a parade :D).

Here's Producer Chris Lavoie's new favorite drop: "Oh, I don't have time for this, I have to go buy a single piece of fruit with a coupon and then return it, making people wait behind me while I complain." (Audio coming soon - thanks mucho, Shane-O!)


GM said...

oh please get the audio for the fruitcoupon thing, I almost peed myself when I heard it.

GM said...

One more thing - If McCain is the old fart returning a single piece of fruit, then Clinton is the lady with the overflowing cart in line who's in front of you and won't let you go first even though all you have is a gallon of milk. Obama is the guy with the same overflowing cart that lets you go in front of him and to top it all off, on your way out in the parking lot you notice crusty McCain is eroniously parked in a handicapped spot. You call him on it and he shakes his finger at you and says "I'm a war hero!"

mfhadley said...

Thanks for stopping by and I agree with you completely, if Methuselah McCain is the old man at the service counter trying to return a single piece of fruit, then Hillary is definitely the person in the 10-items-or-less line with at least 20 items in her basket, glaring at you just waiting for you to say something about her incorrect choice of check-out lines and then she'll rip your head off - ugh!