Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Polar Opposite Commercials for the Climate

By now I'm sure that you all have seen the public service ads that feature Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Former Speaker Gingrich, and another ad that has Reverend Al Sharpton sitting next to Reverend Pat Robertson on a sofa on a beach. What in the world do these odd couples have in common? Well, if you've seen the ads, you know that these odd couples are paired up to highlight the growing climate crisis, and by appearing together they hope to send a message that the state of the climate is a bi-partisan issue that we all need to address together.

Speaking of odd couples, you all may remember that several years ago Momma teamed up with Bay Buchanan (sister of right-wing pundit, Pat Buchanan) to co-star on Equal Time on CNBC. That got me thinking - that Al Gore and his crew over at WeCanSolveIt.org would do well to pair up Steph and Bay again for a polar opposite spot, and I've got just the venue for it. This morning, somebody mentioned something about Gilley's Bull Riding and Steph admitted to riding the bull "back in the day." So there you have it - Stephanie Louise Miller and Angela "Bay" Buchanan together, saving the planet by riding the mechanical bull at Gilley's. Do we have an image of what this might actually look like? Why, yes, yes we do. and without further ado, I present to you - "Bay & Steph Riding the Bull to Save the Climate."

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