Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This Blog Cannot Wait...
(John McCain - Get Offa My Lawn!)

This blog is sick and tired of waiting for the Democrats to pick a nominee, so this blog, beginning today, is running against John McCain. I am about ready to say that I don't care who the Democratic nominee is anymore (not true - I am still hoping for Barack Obama), but I won't go that far. Still, I am tired as hell of waiting around for the super-duper delegates to make up their minds and for every state (including Guam and Puerto Rico) to weigh-in with their selection for the presidential candidate that they think would make the better choice. Here are the

Top Ten Reasons Why John McCain Cannot Be President:

10. Waterboarding - Torture or No? Well, John knew the answer to that one when he was in the Hanoi Hilton, but now maybe waterboarding is okay.
9. Still standing by the Pastor Hagee endorsement.
8. What he knows about finance he learned from being a fifth of the Keating Five.
7. His foreign policy includes a statement that it is okay with him if we are in Iraq for the next hundred years.
6. Morally, he left his first wife when she was sick to marry a rich pill-popping recipe-swiping much younger woman (did I mention that she is a beer-distributor heiress?).
5. He has flip-flopped on important issues such as tax-cuts for the wealthiest Americans, torture and campaign finance reform.
4. He has pandered to the far-right-wing of the fundamentalist religious extreme (Jerry Falwell - once an agent of intolerance, is now a-okay with John).
3. He can't visit the Middle East without Joe Lieberman on his shoulder.
2. He's no maverick, he toes the GOP party line on reproductive choice, discrimination of gays, foreign policy, and corporate tax cuts.
2. So old that he can't remember the difference between Mickey and Daffy (one is a mouse, the other a duck).
2. His temper is a short fuse of dynamite, and his finger should not be on any trigger :(
1. Two words - Supreme Court.

This is just the first of a series of posts that will highlight all of the reasons why John Sidney McCain should NOT be the next president of the United States. Hope I don't have to write too many of these posts before I know who McCain's opponent will be ;)

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Roxie Smith Lindemann said...

So, tell us, Faye, are you ready to join your and Steph's boyfriend Keith Olbermann in calling for the murder of Senator Clinton? That would settle the Democratic primary race for you once and for all, wouldn't it? God forbid we should let those pesky voters settle things, eh? Nice to see that His Hopeness inspires such high-minded thoughts in his delusional followers.

mfhadley said...

Roxie, Roxie, Roxie,
Wow, I am shocked and dismayed by your comment. I listen religiously to Stephanie and rarely miss Countdown (although I didn't see it on Friday night), but I have never heard neither Steph nor Keith call for any harm to come to Senator Clinton. And I'd be careful if I were you calling others delusional ("Pot it's the kettle calling for you.") Hillary's math is positively imaginary, never mind her entire campaign which has but one potential outcome and that is assuring the election of John McCain. BTB, I thought it was odd that you posted your pro-Hillary(?) remark in response to an entry that called for party unity in order to defeat John McCain. The level of vitriol that you display against Obama supporters makes me sad for our party and our country. I will support the Democratic nominee for president - can you say the same?
Auntie Faye

mfhadley said...

I've gotta question your use of "irony." Sorry I missed the irony of a murder threat. I don't really want to continue this conversation, but I'm not sure what that means... Maybe nothing at all - vamos a ver.
Auntie Faye