Wednesday, May 14, 2008

As West Virginia Goes, So Goes the Confederacy...

White voters shun Obama as Clinton wins West Virginia

"As West Virginia goes, so goes the nation." I substituted "Confederacy" for "nation," anyway, I didn't say it. I am merely echoing a phrase uttered by Hillary Clinton last night during her victory speech which I must confess, even though it was billed by Terry McAuliffe as the greatest speech ever, I dozed off during her riveting delivery of what sounded to me like rehashed campaign cliches and recycled slogans. I say shame on West Virginians and their racist selves - forgive my bluntness, but I've heard too many reports from W.V. that say that it was out-and-out racism that kept Mountaineers from even considering voting for Obama. So I say screw WV - I am much more impressed that a Democrat won Trent Lott's seat in Mississippi - way to go Dems. Ain't nothin' gonna stop us now. Apologies to the handful of good folks who live in West Virginia who did step outside their comfort zone and cast a vote for the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama. We don't need no stinkin' racists helping us get to the White House, so just stay home or vote for Ron Paul or Bob Barr or even David Duke (not sure that he's running, but I bet a little cold coin could change his mind).

Where are the Union Coal Miners of old? Where are the folks who empathized with the downtrodden? (because they were them). Where are the mothers who understood that pride is not too hard to dismiss when your kids are hungry?

"Even though racial lines were not so stringently enforced in West Virginia as they were in the Deep South, or even in neighboring central Appalachia, social life in the Mountain State was segregated by custom and management design. Nevertheless, race relations were unique. Perhaps the key to understanding the distinctive qualities of race relations in southern West Virginia was the freedom of expression enjoyed by blacks. Only in education and intermarriage was integration specifically barred by statute."
The aforementioned excerpt is from the Mine Safety and Health Administration web site as is the above featured photo.

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