Saturday, May 17, 2008

How to Solve the Michiorida Mess...

Shepard Fairey's Obama Posters

"Hillary's campaign is 21.5 million dollars in debt, making hers the most expensive Fantasy Camp ever."
David Letterman, The Late Show, May 15, 2008

Rachel Maddow's word of the Day - "vituperative" - Using, containing, or marked by harshly abusive censure.

This is a comment from the SMS live blog, left by a rabid Hillary supporter, written on Friday, May 16, 2008:

Good morning SWEETIES
Any of you know how Obama and Dean are going to address the ugly, festering sore that will be Florida and Michigan at the convention?
Or do you all just want to work hard to win 48 states?
No Obamaniac here has SATISFACTORILY answered that question except to yell in the most child-like way, “Hey, it’s the rules!!”
Hillary will bring this question up, I hope, just before the official nomination voting. Someone should.

I'll bring it up because it doesn't freakin' matter anymore - go ahead and count all of the delegates even those earned by Hillary Clinton in Michigan where Barack Obama's NAME WAS NOT EVEN ON THE BALLOT, and Florida where neither candidate campaigned, honoring an agreed-upon plan made before the primary vote. Go ahead and count all the freakin' votes of those who you all are so eager to enfranchise. What about the disenfranchisement of all of the voters who didn't bother to go to the polls because they were paying attention and understood the votes that they cast on Tuesday, January 15th (Michigan) or January 29th (Florida) would not be (should not have been, promised not to be) counted?

Also how can you ignore the caucuses? All of those people who turned out on a cold winter night in Iowa should just be dismissed? Likewise the folks who stood in school cafeterias in Nevada, Alaska, Colorado, Nebraska, Washington, Maine, and Wyoming - think about it. It comes down to basic fairness, simple justice, doing what is right/correct. By any measure, except those concocted by the Clinton camp (like ignoring the caucuses, or counting Michigan and Florida as if they were normal primaries) Obama has the lead - in popular vote, in elected delegates, in superdelegates, in states won - by any measure, he is the winner. Congratulations Barack!

If you'd like to pass a few wasted hours and you are a total political geek then visit the following site where you can change the electoral college map in any configuration and try to figure out how the Democrats can lose the election in November (I spent hours a few Sunday afternoons ago and had a hard time seeing how the Dems could possibly lose this one).

Election Guide 2008: What the Democratic Candidates Need to Win

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