Sunday, October 26, 2008

To Those 7% of PUMAs Who Still Have Not Jumped on the Obama Wagon

WARNING - MAJOR RANT AHEAD (you have been warned!)

Nobody effing cares anymore - you are so irrelevant that it is just too easy to ignore you (provided that you live in a state that is going to be so blue it is almost navy - a state like New York, Massachusetts, Maryland or California). So if you live in any of those states nobody freakin' cares what you do on November 4th - you can stay home and masturbate or pick your nose or try to explain why you are so goddamn lame on your flimsy little website or blog or whatever vehicle you may chose to try to explain (or not) why you have decided to hold onto your grudge (whether it be a lingering sense that your candidate, Mrs. Clinton, was done wrong or you are just a closet racist after all - I am not suggesting that those are the only two plausible reasons why you have not yet joined the Obama campaign, but without any explanation from you, we are left guessing). Just don't try to convince any of us who have been working for the change that will benefit you and your family (partner, husband, wife, child[ren], or parent[s]), or that you had anything to do with anything positive that may happen in this country in the next four or, if we are lucky and wise enough as a nation, eight years. Just go away - we obviously don't need you on election day, and we don't need you now or anytime in the future. You have rendered yourself forever irrelevant - so just go away. Buh-bye, now and forever.... OBAMA/BIDEN 2008!!!

For a more nuanced view of the role of race in the 2008 presidential election, please see Frank Rich's piece, In Defense of White Americans, NYTimes, October 25, 2008.

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Yeah! - What SHE said!...