Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bush's True Legacy Vis-a-Vis Iraq

Bush on His Legacy: I 'Liberated' Iraq!

Bush on His Legacy: I 'Liberated' Iraqis
President Says He Wants to Be Remembered for Liberating Iraqis and HIV/AIDS Work in Africa
Nov. 28, 2008

If by "liberating" George W. Bush means any of the following horrors inflicted on the Iraqi people or consequences experienced by the American people;

1. If by "liberating" Bush meant killing hundreds of thousand Iraqi citizens in a country that had virtually no Al Qaeda cells within its boundaries is "liberating," then yeah, we did that.
2. If by "liberating" Bush meant running hundreds of thousand Iraqi citizens out of their neighborhoods and homes and creating an excess of 2 million refugees then yeah, we did that.
3. If the term "liberating" denotes in any sense turning a secular society (not anti-religion, just tolerant of many different beliefs without one particular strain of one religious belief being forced onto the people by their government) into a hellish mix of dueling beliefs that have car bombs and suicide bombers as one of their fundamental practices (i.e. letting a theocracy take root that demands strict adherence to a very rigid and narrow view of humans in the world and does not allow for any deviation from a prescribed pattern of belief and behavior - the hallmark of most religions if taken to the extreme view...), then yeah Bush is responsible for that.
4. If by "liberating" Bush/Cheney are suggesting a scenario that includes bilking American taxpayers out of billions and billions of dollars to pay for a war that was not provoked and in the final analysis was unnecessary, then yeah we "liberated" millions of Americans from their money to pay for a disaster that would not be happening if it weren't for the asinine decision to invade Iraq in the first place, then yeah, hang the blame for that on Bush/Cheney.
5. If by the word "liberating" Bush is referring to handing out slews of no-bid contracts to war profiteers Halliburton, Kellogg Brown and Root, and Blackwater who have not only cheated Americans but have also murdered Iraqis in cold blood, then yeah our tax dollars supported that.
6. If by "liberating" Bush means running all the doctors, nurses and other professionals out of the country and turning previously functioning infrastructure into non-working, no-longer-available services like water, sewer and electric, then yeah, that is a legacy that the U.S. presence has left in Iraq.
7. If by "liberating" Bush means liberating over 4000 families from the presence of a loved one due to losing life, limb or mind in Iraq, then yeah, we did that.
8. If by "liberating" Bush is referring to the financial crisis that we are experiencing here in the United States that could have been alleviated by moneys that were sent to "fight the war" in Iraq, then yeah Bush did that.
9. If by "liberating" Iraq, Bush is referring to operating a gulag in Guantanamo, torturing prisoners under our control, and operating hidden prisons throughout the dangerous world via the practice of secret rendition (all contrary to the Geneva Convention), then yeah, the Bush administration is responsible for violating a wide variety of international laws.
10. If by "liberating" Iraq, Bush/Cheney intend to suggest that building a case for war that was based on lies and deception and manipulation of information, and if the public had known the truth, then they never would have supported the invasion of Iraq, then yeah we fell for that.

Those are all questionable if not outright illogical definitions of the term "liberating" or "liberation." Interesting that Bush has chosen to hang his legacy on perhaps the most destructive decision of his presidency, a legacy that highlights the many short comings of his greedy, impetuous, stubborn, fear-mongering, incompetent, anti-intellectual administration. It only makes sense that this is the one action that Bush would point to as a way to define his administration - it is a shameful choice for a shameful administration.

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Arym said...

I tried to read that article on Bush's legacy that you linked to but was pretty well sickened by the end of page one. I've never been able to figure out if Bush is as stupid as he acts or just a complete sociopath, or quite possibly both. His legacy is most likely to be one of abject failure. His values have been about stepping on the backs of the poor, both here and abroad, in order to enrich himself and his cronies. And like you, I am truly thankful that he is about to disappear. I certainly don't think anyone in Iraq will miss him, either.