Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I Am Truly Thankful For....


Here is the list of what I am truly giving thanks for at this moment in my life:
1. The blog that saved my life - Thank you Raine, BobR, Livin, Mondo, Star, Velveeta, Tri, Mala and all others 4Fers - I am so glad that you came along when you did, you truly saved my life :-).
2. My job, my house, my boyz (Tulsey & Dylan) - they are all in Tulsa, Oklahoma (the only state that went totally and completely red in this latest election - :-( ) Never-the-less, OK is where I live and I have chosen to stay and fight (for the time being).
3. The Collins Fitness Center at TU (and their recently added three, count 'em, three rowing machines). I have been working out like a fiend, and I do feel much better for it. I, however, have not stopped drinking so the weight is coming off slowly, but it is coming off - and I don't drink as much as I used to :-).
4. The Stephanie Miller Show still starts each and every morning in my world and continues to rock my world - thank you mucho Steph, Jim, Chris, & Rebekah!!!
5. Mi familia - I am lucky that both of my parents are alive, healthy and are enjoying their retirement years, mi hermanas y mi hermano, mi sobrinas y my sobrino (not sure why I felt compelled to report my family in Espanol - perhaps a nod to Sanchez from Montebello, CA).
6. The reality that I have come out of a very dark, dismal place and have hope along with a new president (Barack Obama), and I am so thrilled that I can stay in my house, my job, and keep my boys.
7. My sister and her family driving all the way from North Liberty, Indiana to spend Thanksgiving with her older and single sister - Thanks mucho Neankie and crew :-).
8. I am thankful that Tulsa, OK - the town in which I live - now has a Bark Park - a place where I can take my boyz (Tulsey & Dylan) to try to wear them out so that they won't wake me up at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning. Way to go Tulsa - you've got the right idea !!!
9. I am more than grateful for the friends who inhabit my life, my workplace and my world. I won't embarrass any of them by mentioning them by name here, but I am sure that they know who they are and I hope that they all know how important they are to me and what a huge difference they all make in my world.
10. I am thankful to be alive in this the winter of 2008, after our country elected the first president of color in the history of this nation. Viva Obama, Obamanos, si se puede, Yes we can and yes we did :-)
11. And finally, I am thrilled to say a big good riddance to George W. Bush and the shadow president, Dick Cheney, who have visited more harm on this country and the rest of the world that we heretofore ever thought possible. Congratulations you two - it will likely take us decades to try to clean up the huge mess that you have left us - thanks, thanks for nothing, you insipid jerks.

That's about it, that's almost all I can think of that I am thankful for this year, I would be remiss if I didn't thank my therapist (HHK), my shrink (KWH) , and the facilitator (IW) of the support group that I attend twice a month. I am grateful that I've lived, or survived, this life. I will go on.... Thank you so mucho. Thanks again. Have a very relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving, everyone!

For an alternative take on Thanksgiving, please see Robert Jensen's No Thanks to Thanksgiving. Remember that the history that you learned in school, bears little resemblance to what actually happened, especially when the history involves Indigenous people.

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