Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh the Damage W. Can Do in Just 57 Days...

"If you thought the first 100 days of the Bush administration were bad, just wait and see what the last 100 could bring,” Edward J. Markey (D-MA), Chairman of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming
Oh, can January 20, 2009 come soon enough? Those of us who have tried valiantly to chronicle the disasters that have been perpetrated on the American citizenry by the Bush/Cheney fiasco since that infamous day in December of 2000 when the Supreme Court handed the presidency to George W. Bush, are holding our collective breath and hoping against hope that W. doesn't succeed in implementing any more disastrous policies before the door hits his ass (not to be confused with his face :) ) on his way back to Crawford, Texas. But if wishes were stocks we'd all be retiring tomorrow. Alas, Bush has plans to give seriously dangerous breaks to his base (the haves and the have-mores) in the form of altering laws that impact not just our already strained environment, but also families, workers, and energy resources. All are among targets of Bush's scheme of deregulating the bejesus out of any law that protects our National Parks, Workers' Safety, and the highly successful and popular Family and Medical Leave Act.

"With barely 60 days to go until Bush hands over to Barack Obama, his White House is working methodically to weaken or reverse an array of regulations that protect America's wilderness from logging or mining operations, and compel factory farms to clean up dangerous waste."
President for 60 more days, Bush tearing apart protection for America's wilderness

Imagine visiting the Grand Canyon in Arizona or Arches National Park in Utah and instead of seeing the natural grandeur of these awesome places, your eyes would meet the visage of open mining pits or your nose might notice the stench of coal-fired power plants spewing more particulate matter into the skies above our planet, thanks to the gutting of environmental regulations by Bush/Cheney in their last act of giving the old middle finger to the tree-huggers and others who appreciate clean air and water and an unspoiled view of nature and all of its inhabitants.

Fortunately, Congress is well-aware of Bush's diabolical plans and may employ a rarely utilized act, The Congressional Review Act of 1996. The act has been exercised just once in the past 12 years, but it could become a sweeping tool for Democrats to nullify the late regulatory changes made by the Bush presidency. Environmental activists are compiling lists of regulations they believe Congress should target, including ones covering water pollution at huge farms, pollution control equipment at older power plants, and hazardous waste restrictions.

See “Past is Prologue: For Energy and the Environment, the Bush Administration’s Last 100 Days Could Rival the First 100”

Check out this great animated cartoon by Ann Telnaes (WashPo, Nov. 24, 2008).

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Myra said...

Interesting post. I knew Bush would try pull some shenanigans on his way out, but I hadn't heard of the Congressional Review Act of 1996. Hopefully, a lot of the environmental damage he wants to inflict will fall under that as "major rule change". It also seems Obama has learned a lot from Clinton's poor transition in 1992.

As for the FMLA, that won't effect me until I, as a lesbian, have the legal right to marry at the federal level. So if it does pass, we should enforce it as strictly as possible. Then maybe more heterosexuals will see that families need legal protections, no matter the genders involved. Also, according to Lincoln, that's the best way to get bad laws repealed.