Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rachel Does The View

Rachel Maddow Joins the Women of The View

Rachel Maddow chats with the grrrls on The View. Rachel talks about how she met her partner of ten years, Susan Mikula (she was doing some yard work for her and when Susan came to the door, stars and comets went off and they have been together ever since - awwww). She discusses her thoughts on President Obama (the right person at the right time and a "big thinker"), and her growing up (she was a tomboy with long blond hair who looked like one of the Hanson boys). She also touches on how she came out (in a very obnoxious way at age 17), and how she got her own TV show (she doesn't know - oh, come on?). It's a charming interview (as charming as Rachel herself). Enjoy.

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