Saturday, December 9, 2006

A Modern Conundrum

Help Me Momma!
Having recently become aware of "" thanks to The Stephanie Miller Show, I spent some time perusing their none-too-helpful or reassuring FAQs. After reading about the imminent Rapture and who will and won't be included (I, for one, have NO desire to spend eternity with this particular brand of Fundamentalist Evangelical nut bags). However, I am still confused by one of their precepts - their simultaneous wish for the second-coming of the Lord Gee-ee-sus and their threatening campaign point that electing Democrats will leave the country open to more terrorists attacks. I am having a diffcult time wrapping my mind around this modern-day conundrum. Recently, I heard with my own ears, George Bush say that the Democrats can't have it both ways (not exactly sure what he was referring to, but neither did he, so I guess it doesn't much matter). I've been wondering how the fundamentalist Christians who are so keen on Bush can both gleefully anticipate the rapture and at the same time embrace the right-wing party line that the Democrats are not protecting us from terrorists? How can they have it both ways? Which is it? Are they eagerly awaiting the end-times or do they want to stop the Democratic party from allowing terrorists from destroying the planet? They cannot have both. Any light you can shed on this duplicitous stance would be most appreciated.
Cheers - your radical militant librarian,
Faye in Tulsa, OK

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